One of the main challenges that professionals in foreign trade have today is to maintain the balance of operations while exploring new markets; However, there will be changes in the laws derived from what will be the new North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) or the operations that can be carried under the World Trade Organization (WTO), said Daniel Guzmán Santander, Director of the National Center for the Competitiveness of Foreign Trade (CENCOMEX).

“Either the new NAFTA or the WTO, but we must be prepared to operate under the new customs rules that the 21st century brings us towards the end of this second decade; This is one of our goals when organizing the meeting of customs specialists in Mexico City (CDMX) next week, “said Guzmán Santander.

He explained that CENCOMEX is the institution that integrates specialists in foreign trade and customs, composed of academics, specialists and scholars of Customs Law and Foreign Trade that generate research, information and specialized training committed to the economic development of Mexico.

“In the meeting of customs specialists that next week will meet at the CDMX, will be analyzed in 16 panels and with the vision of 30 experts the changes in Foreign Trade expected,” said Guzmán Santander.

For his part, Carlos Novoa Mandujano member of the Mexican Trade Board, said that, “today is the time to diversify markets, and to make an inventory and diagnosis of the foreign trade processes of our companies and learn to trade foreign trade with other nations – in addition to the United States (EU).

“Given the insecurity that NAFTA represents today for Mexican businessmen, there is uncertainty about what foreign trade is going through; hence the importance of possible assumptions to this agreement. Each entrepreneur must study the new processes or scenarios of each company in particular; carry out procurement and export analysis with the new rules, be it NAFTA or WTO, “said Novoa Mandujano.

He stressed that, “in effect, we are part of an emerging meeting of customs specialists, with the most select experts in foreign trade, customs legislation and tax law to analyze and be able to meet the challenges in customs they will be presented to Mexican businessmen in whatever the modification or abrogation of the free trade agreement with the US through CENCOMEX in the CDMX. “

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