Outside Port Warehouse

Specialized warehouses, for our clients who handle steel products, aluminum, contained and looser load:

  1. Maneuvering and storage patios with 39,000 m2 surface.
  2. 4 industrial Ships with 10.000 total surface of m2
  3. Spur of railroad, with capacity of handling of 6 vans.
  4. Maneuvering specialized equipment for great tonnage products.
  5. All located in Industrial Zone "Industrial Bruno Pagliali" to 30 minutes away from Veracruz.

Inside Port Warehouse

Servicios Maniobras y Almacenamientos de Veracruz, S. A. de C. V., a new company of the group, that operates in the Harbor Enclosure of Veracruz, for the presentation of services of handling, storage, consolidation, DES consolidation and benefit of services of added value to used load, generals and contained, as well as the handling of specialized maneuver of steel coils.

The previous thing like turn out to gain the licitation: (APIVER/INS-ALM-01-04); in order to operate zone of storages with surface of 23.287 m2., that includes warehouses 1.2 and 4; as well as the Cervantes Shed, the corridor of maneuvers 7; and two yard, everything located in Zone 1 of the Port, that includes routes of iron.

It allows an integral merchandise handling us from Harbor Enclosure, is facilities of Cd. Industrial Bruno Pagliai or to warehouses or factories of our clients, by means of railroad or tracto trucks.